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Chocolate Smoothie Lite - 16 servings

For weight loss
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This protein powder is ideal for anyone aiming to manage body weight, physique or the regular gym enthusiasts, cross fit, pilates & yoga practitioners, runners and working moms. It comes in a single serve sachet and is super convenient to use. This Shape Shake is proven to keep you full for 4 hours and hence is ideal for your weight loss or keto diets. It is super low on calories and high on protein, to keep you full for 4 hours, prevent unhealthy snacking between meals and aid weight loss. This Chocolate Smoothie flavour gives you the goodness of real almonds and is great for shakes and smoothies. Just add chilled Milk or water (200 ml) for every sachet.


  • Whey Protein Isolates, Green Tea Extract, Chicory Root Extract, Natural fibre, Green Coffee Extract, Turmeric Extract, Stevia, Digestive Enzyme Blend

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