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Streak6 Shaving Razor

6 blade razor, diamond coated blades, made in Germany
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This product is our newest and most advanced. Each cartridge has 6 blades and a trimmer blade for the closest shave yet. All the blades are made using state of the art machinery by experts with over 140 years of expertise in Germany. The blades have a unique L-shaped structure to allow for easy rinsing and a more comfortable shave is equipped with our latest M.A.P (Multi Axis Pivot) technology that enables the razor to cover all the contours of your face and get virtually every hair. Each cartridge is also equipped with an improved lubrication strip. The handle is a weighted metal handle a rubberized grip to provide maximum control and stability while you shave. Each shaving cartridge has 6 sharp diamond and titanium coated razor blades and an additional trimmer blade at the back. Each of the razor blades is equipped with our patented I.C.E (Ionic Carbon Edge) diamond and titanium coating that increases blade shaprness and blade life. The diamond coating increases the sharpness of the razor blades, while the titanium coating increases the blade life so that each razor cartridge is long lasting and provides you with the maximum number of shaves. The blade pivots not only from top to bottom but also left to right so as to increase flexibility and blade coverage. This ensures that the shaving razor can easily glide over all the contours of your skin and get virtually every hair. It is also equipped with an enhanced lubrication strip to provide maximum protection to skin as well as extra glide for the razor to prevent any nicks, cuts or razor burns along with moisturizing and hydrating to prevent any dryness or hardening of the skin after your shave.


Spruce Shave Club
Cruelty Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Paraben-free

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