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The Better laddoss - Cinnamon & Sesame (100 gram pack)

A snack suitable for the entire family
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The humble Indian dessert, now optimized to improve your day. The dates and nuts present in the ladoo release naturally sustained energy to help you feel energised and refreshed. We like rounding up our lunch with these, but we love to hear what you've got in mind! Taste Profile: The nutty notes of Almonds & Sesame follow the natural sweetness of Dates with hints of Cinnamon & Ginger. The Amaranth & Poppy Seeds provide an organically crunchy texture to pack a great bite. Indulgent | Decadent | Healthy | 100% Natural | Plant Energy


Eat Better
  • Dates,Almonds, Amarnath, Chia Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Cinnamon and Sesame.

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