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The Better Seed Mix - Spiced Jaggery (Glass Jar) - 150 gm

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Five seeds, one major flavour, and a host of other elements. In another universe, this would be the product of a European kitchen being served on a warm, white plate. But we're bagging up this nutritious goodness and keeping it ready to be added to your everyday meals. Taste Profile: The earthy sweetness of the jaggery melds wonderfully with the spice from the cracked black pepper and ginger. Pair that with the nutty crunch from the seeds and your tongue won't know what to feel! No added sugar, preservatives, or artificial flavours.


Eat Better
  • Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Sesame, Melon Seeds, Organic Jaggery, Ginger, Cracked Pepper and Ajwain.

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