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Personalised Routine
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7 Step Skin Care Routine
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Here's my elaborate skincare routine - I have oily and acne prone skin and recommend these products. Do our lists match?
Step 4 - Serum - Niacinamide helps in preventing excess oil production and also reducing acne, must try for acne prone skin
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Step 1 - Cleansing - This one of most effective cleansers that I have come across which removes all the dust and oils accumulated on the skin along with makeup that I use regularly.
Step 6 - Moisturize - This is a thin and light gel based moisturizer perfect for oily and combinations skin types
Step 3 - Toner - I use a Vitamin - C toner because it helps protect the skin barrier and also helps in bringing glow to the skin
Step 2 - Foam Cleansing - This is my all time favorite foam cleanser and I would highly recommend for people who suffer with clogged pores
Step - 7 - Sunscreen - This is the one step I follow religiously and again I picked a light water based sunscreen as I already have oily skin
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Step - 5 - Under Eye - I have dark circles, so I use this to reduce dark circles as well as puffiness in the morning

K - Beauty Fav's
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My favorite K-Beauty products suitable for all skin types

Supplements for healthy skin
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Supplements I recommend for hair, skin and overall wellness. Loving the results so far!